Scarlett, aka RML2353 was taken in to stock by London Transport Country bus division in November 1965, and was originally painted green to operate in the countryside around London.She is one of 2760 similar buses specially designed and built for London Transport. When new she worked at Godstone Garage, in Surrey until 1972, when she moved to Windsor Garage, near Windsor Castle!

By this time London Transport had been split into two seperate areas; London Transport who operated central London red buses , and London Country. Scarlett remained with London Country Bus Services at Windsor  until 1977 when she was transfered to Harlow Garage in Essex.She went through a couple of overhauls during this time but, Betty retained her own body, B2353 right throughout her days with London Country and London Transport.

London Country got rid of almost all of their Routemasters in the late 1970\'s,as the move to one person operated buses took hold. She was purchased by London Transport in July 1979, and started her days there as a training bus at Bow Garage in East London still in green livery. After her first London Transport overhaul, she was painted red and sent to Willesden Garage.She moved around to a couple of other garages such as Muswell Hill, and Putney until1987, when she went to work at Shepherds Bush in West London, where she remained until withdrawal in 2004.

She was exported to Australia in 2006, where she worked in Queensland\'s Gold Coast until June 2012, when she moved to Sydney.

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